The Social Dynamics of Human Expression through Art

The relationship we develop as humans with Art has an inherently social aspect, and our expression through it can only be speech and an attitude towards the social change we are experiencing.


The aim of this presentation is the systematic recording and highlighting of tools and techniques that come from the field of visual and performing arts and that have been successfully integrated into the methodology of Gestalt psychotherapy. Utilizing and documenting the multi-year experience (>25 years) of 30 Gestalt psychotherapists and their artist collaborators, a systematic recording of strategies, tools and techniques that have been used in individual or group psychotherapy and have been empirically proven as good practices was made. Detailed reference is made regarding the goals of each intervention, the therapeutic stage at which it is appropriate for use and the expected therapeutic benefits. Finally, the process of choosing the appropriate tool by the therapist so that the integration of art in psychotherapy is always based on the therapeutic goals will be discussed on the one hand and on the other hand, the respect and application of the moral and ethical rules that govern psychotherapy practice when it  incorporates artistic expression.

Yiamarelou Y., M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Gestalt Psychotherapist
Siampani K., Msc in Counseling and Psychology, Gestalt Psychotherapist