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Gestalt Coaching in Business Organizations Annual Cycle of Workshops

Gestalt Coaching in Business Organizations Annual Cycle of Workshops

Recently the Gestalt approach has seen a rapid development in the world of organizations and businesses, because, as it also happens in the world of psychotherapy, increased emphasis is given on issues such as awareness, skill development, dialectic process that characterize Gestalt.


The Gestalt approach application in the workplace is especially effective in issues concerning: Leadership, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Teamwork, Change, Conflict, Negotiations, Workplace Stress, Time Management, Crisis Management, Self Confidence etc.


Based on the Gestalt approach services that can be provided in Organizations are: Consulting, Coaching, Mentoring, Training, and Supervision in both individual and group level.


Workshops designed for Organization and Business are addressed to: 

  • Psychotherapists and psychologists working for organizations.
  • Psychologists, psychotherapists and mental health counselors who are interested in learning how the Gestalt approach can be applied to the world of Business and Organizations.
  • Gestalt counselors in Business and Organizations (G.P.O.).
  • Counselors, coaches and trainers working for Business and Organizations.
  • Executive responsible for Human Resources development (H.R.).
  • Managers of Business and Organizations.


These workshops aim to help participants come in contact with the application of the Gestalt therapy principles in a workplace environment on issues such as power management, conflict, and malfunction in the communication within the organization, lack of participation and commitment to the organizations goals, resistance to change, etc.