The founding members and their standing collaborators believe that knowledge and experience should be shared.


That’s why they try to publish articles and scientific texts in reputable magazines and books that aim to help all those who are involved in Gestalt therapy.


These very interesting publications are chronologically listed here:


  • 2016 Balliou Despina: 
    Article in scientific magazine «Epoché» with the subject «The Intersubjectivity of Experience in Gestalt Therapy».


  • 2012 Gestalt Foundation:
    Chapter «Building a “bridge”. Between yesterday’s expectations and today’s reality. Case studies» in the book «Psychoeducation of the family on ageing», Magda Tsolaki – Fotini Koundi, The Greek Association of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders.


  • 2005 Hatzilakou Katia:
    Chapter in the book “Dementia. A Medical and Social Challenge” by Magda Tsolaki – Aristides Kazis, University Studio Press. Subject: “The meaning of «presence» - Gestalt Therapy and Dementia”.


  • 2003 Konstantinidou Antonia: Article in the quarterly newspaper “Contact for Alzheimer disease” by The Greek Company of Alzheimer and Relevant Disturbances, with the subject: “Gestalt Psychotherapy and Dementia/ Alzheimer Disease”.


  • 2003 Hatzilakou Katia:
    Book review regarding “Chronic Sorrow” by Susan Ross in the Back Pages column of Gestalt Review, issue 7(2), p.p. 171-173.